Gravel Drives

Kingfisher Building Ltd London is a Resin Bound Gravel Drive Contractor that offers a world of possibilities to enhance the decorative appeal of any property.

Whether it’s gravel driveway, a residential patio, or a large commercial project, we are “ready to install”. We have beautified hundreds of properties throughout the Surrey area.

We install beautiful Resin Gravel surfaces, creating stunning Driveways, Patios, Paths, Car Parks, Pool Surrounds and much more. Our talented teams of Resin Craftsmen help you turn your dreams in reality, our surfaces creating stunning external spaces.

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Beautiful Driveways

Our Eco Resin Bound Gravel surface system is the perfect solution for a stunning and low maintenance driveway surface, with a huge range of gravel colours to suit your home. Our Eco Resin Bound Gravel surfacing system is porous; no surface drainage is required and it meets UK SuDs building regulations. In addition, the system comes with a 10-year Manufacturer Warranty when you come to Kingfisher Building.

Stunning Patios and Paths

Our Eco Resin Bound Gravel surface system is also a fantastic option for patios, terraces & paths around your home and garden. They create an elegant, non-slip and stunning addition to your home.

Commercial Spaces and Surfaces

Our Resin Teams also provide Resin Bound Gravel, Resin Bonded Gravel & Tree Pit systems for the Public sector – schools, hospitals and public highways, along with developers, builders, architects and specifiers. Our estimating team are on hand and are able to work from Design Drawings and Bill & Quantities to quantify your new areas for you.

Huge Range of Gravel Choices and Colours

Our Eco Resin Bound Gravels, Resin Bonded Gravels & Tree Pit Gravels have a variety of colour and gravel sizes to suit your property and its surroundings. View an online PDF of our brochure by clicking on the link below. You can also launch on resin gravel swatches.

Groundwork and Base Layer Installation

We can provide all groundwork and new base layer installation for your new surface, whether it be for vehicular and pedestrian trafficked areas, in either porous sub-bases and/or asphalts to meets SuDs regulations or standard non-porous options. Ask one of our team for more advice on the correct base specification for your surface or see our Useful Information section below.

Decorative Edgings

We also provide decorative edgings around the soft edges of your new surface, our team will be happy to guide you through the choices available subject to your application. See our Edgings and Rumble Strip section below.

10-Year Manufacturer Warranty

The resin gravel market is saturated with cheaper options for surface solutions, but the truth is any significant investment is not worth the risk of a cheaper product that won’t last as long. Unlike many competitors,  all our Resin Bound Gravel Specifications come with the optimum 7% resin content, ensuring maximum strength and longevity, all backed up by a 10-year manufacturer backed warranty.

Overlaying an Existing Base Layer

We can sometimes install “Surface only” Resin Gravel surfaces, we can provide advice, guidance and recommendations for your existing surfaces to be overlaid. Please note, however, that our guarantees are only subject to the products we have laid. See more information on Overlaying Existing Bases in the Useful information below.

Quick Quotation Service

The Kingfisher Paving team are on hand Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm. Simply complete an enquiry form or give us a call, our team will ask you about your new surface requirements then will process a Quick Quote, normally within the same working day.Building