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Kingfisher Building Ltd London specialises in all aspects of construction & maintenance including parking lot paving, patch-work, road-work, driveways, drainage, seal coating and line striping. We fulfill projects of all sizes by covering every phase of paving and Paving development within one company. Whether it’s a small Tarmac patch, parking lot pot-hole repair, or a new construction parking lot with drainage and/or curbing, we will meet all your project needs.

More than a blacktop paving contractor , I work to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. I am licensed in London. With years of knowledge and experience in the paving industry working with small commercial businesses, large corporations, and residential customers, I am here to help you!

If you’re thinking about replacing your current driveway, there are very many options to choose from. Will you utilize pavers as a border? Will you use cobblestone? Will you have a stone apron? Or do you prefer Tarmac running straight to the curb?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself as you contemplate this project. A major consideration when considering new driveway construction is the design. Many companies will evaluate the current driveway and give an estimate to replace it. This is an area where Kingfisher Building Ltd London really shines. Our design ideas are what tend to keep us busy with referral work. As professional driveway paving contractors, we see what you currently have in place, and try to determine if what you have suits your property.

We can come in and simply replace what you have, but we prefer to find out what it is you really want! Tarmac Driveway Construction is always a large project. Therefore, you do not want to sell yourself short on features that can benefit you. We do not try to upsell our suffolk county clients, we prefer to explore possibilities. And this typically spares us from returning to add features that could have been installed the first time around.

These additional features can include, paver stoops, additional walkways, patio extensions and even widening the apron of your driveway. Functionality wise, Kingfisher Building Ltd London also excels. When L.I driveway paving companies are focused too heavily on profits, their work starts to suffer. They try to save on materials and labor which ends up resulting in inferior workmanship. We prefer to focus on the work, so the prosperity will follow. And our technique has benefited us greatly. Kingfisher Building Ltd London will educate you on the factors affecting a great driveway installation. These factors can include: Excavation depth Proper clearing of vegetation and large stones from below driveway Quality of underlying materials How compacted the base soil is Proper Tarmac application temperatures.

Most companies prefer to gloss over what is right and what is wrong with any of these factors. Kingfisher Building Ltd London explains these factors fo you to understand. And once you properly understand, you will see our quality workmanship for all it is. For each and every driveway paving job we perform, we give our clients 110%. This is why we have such a high referral rate. Kingfisher Building Ltd London appreciates you taking the time to visit. We hope you found our information informative and we also hope you’ll contact us for a free estimate at your home or business!

Kingfisher Building Ltd London hopes to become your preferred Commercial Paving Contractors. We are capable of large commercial paving projects in London. We have new machinery and an extremely efficient and hardworking staff that can make your commercial project be cost efficient and long lasting.

Kingfisher Building Ltd London can perform brand new parking lot installations, parking lot seal-coating, or parking lot over-paving. When it comes to commercial paving installations, we can view your project plans and help you to determine the best and most efficient course of action for the Tarmac design. We can help you to determine traffic flow as well as the most efficient use of space to maximize parking areas, parking garages and other areas where the best use of space is a must!

If your parking lots substructure is good, and there are very little variations or failing areas in the lot, we can sometimes pave directly over the existing Tarmac to save you money. We call this process over-paving. Once we have a brand new layer of fresh Tarmac on your lot, we can then perfrom our parking lot striping services.

Whether large or small, Kingfisher Building Ltd London can stripe or re-stripe your lot to best utilize its space. If you’ve had potholes, utility work or manholes repairs and are in need of resetting or crack filling, contact us today! We look forward to serving your Commercial Paving Contractors needs.

If you are noticing cracks in your Tarmac, its best to address them immediately. A small Tarmac Crack Repair Filling investment now can keep from having to make a huge investment later. Tarmac cracks may seem like no big deal, however on London they are a problem. When you have a crack in your Tarmac, this allows water to seep into the Tarmac as opposed to running off or into proper drainage. If a lot of water begins collecting under your Tarmac, it can make the soil beneath start to loosen and even move. This is what causes potholes. The soil below the Tarmac has been carried away by water. Once the Tarmac has no support below it begins to sink and then caves in on itself. Also, water beneath your Tarmac can freeze in the colder months. There are few forces stronger than freezing water. Ice freezing under your Tarmac can break up any Tarmac installation with ease. So having cracks allowing water to collect under your Tarmac is the start of very many problems. The ice can break up the concrete below or widen the cracks above to start the crumbling of your Tarmac.

Have your Tarmac cracks sealed immediately by a reputable, owner operated company such as Kingfisher Building Ltd London. We can inspect your lot and fill in all your cracks with hot tar to keep water from penetrating the Tarmac. If your lot was properly designed, the water should be diverted to proper drainage areas instead of being allowed to soak into the Tarmac. For a free inspection on your lot which includes cracks and design problems, contact us today! We look forward to serving your Tarmac Crack Repair Filling needs.

When it comes to Hot Patching Pothole Repair, Kingfisher Building Ltd London has the experience you need to make the repair the correct way. Many inexperienced contractors do half the job and end up leaving a repair that itself will end up needing repair. Kingfisher Building Ltd London can visit your London location to give a free estimate on the best course of action to complete your Tarmac repair. We will first saw cut your pothole into a nice square or rectangular shape. We then remove the crumbling sections of Tarmac from that section. Once we have a clean area to work with, we will tamp down the ground beneath the hole we’ve made to be sure the ground is extrmely hard and will not sink. Many companies simply tamp down the Tarmac over loose soil below. We prefer to see the job through 100%!

Once the sub-ground is hard as can be, we lay new hot Tarmac in the hole we’ve clean cut. We then compact the Tarmac with our commercial rollers to ensure the Tarmac is as compacted as it can be. Loose Tarmac is cause of failing lots and driveways. Once we are confident the Tarmac is properly compacted, we then join the old and new Tarmac. We pour hot tar around the seam of the old and new Tarmac to in essence glue them together to ensure a smooth transition. This also makes the patch last longer as this prevents water and ice from sitting in the seam and cracking the seam. Even projects that may seem simple need to be handled with the proper steps to ensure success. Hot Patching Pothole Repair is one of these projects that many London Tarmac companies perform incorrectly. Have your Hot Patching Pothole Repair done correctly by choosing the best L.I. Tarmac repair company, Kingfisher Building Ltd London.

Do you have crumbling sections of Tarmac on your driveway? Have you noticed dips or divots that are beginning to get worse? Are there cracks developing in between the pron or edging and the Tarmac itself?

Having these small issues repaired sooner can save you the cost of having to replace your whole driveway later. Consider calling Kingfisher Building Ltd London to come and give you a free estimate on your London Tarmac Driveway Repair. We can investigate the problem, give you several options as to the best repair and provide you with the knowledge to make the best decision.

While other companies are quick to push a new driveway on every repair estimate, Kingfisher Building Ltd London knows when to repair and when to replace. We also perform commercial Tarmac repair work. We can inspect your establishments parking lot and give you a full written estimate on the amount of square footage that needs repair.

Whether you own a large lot or small business parking lot, it should always be well maintained. Besides legalities, the aesthetic appearance of a parking lot can affect the locations foot traffic. If the parking lot has holes, unsightly or bad patch jobs, isn’t striped or marked well, this will cause visitors to feel the lot isn’t well maintained, so the businesses most likely are of less quality as well. Your parking lot is the customers first impression of your business or shopping center. Make that first impression a good one! For London Tarmac Driveway Repair, please consider owner operated Kingfisher Building Ltd London. We are highly professional, and we aim for 100% satisfaction on every job. Please view our video testimonials, and visit our social media to see our happy customers ready to recommend us to you. Kingfisher Building Ltd London, “Another Job Well Done!”

If you are looking for an affordable and experienced London Driveway Paving company, we are happy you found us. We are Kingfisher Building Ltd London and we specialize in performing high quality, professional London Driveway Paving work. When it comes to having your driveway paved, there are a lot of things to consider.

There are a lot of contractors who simply view the job, give a quote and leave it at that. At Kingfisher Building Ltd London, we tend to do things a little differently. We like to inform you of the importance of many different factors that affect your driveways performance and longevity. These factors include the depth of the driveway in comparison to the surrounding area. This factor goes hand in hand with the thickness of the Tarmac. If your excavation is too too thin and your driveway is paved too thin, then it may not be strong enough to withstand years of heavy traffic. Another important factor is your choice in apron and edging. Are you looking to have a concrete apron? Or maybe you prefer a brick paver apron. Will you be giving the driveway a paver or cobblestone border?

Installing a border adds to the strength of the driveway as a whole unit. These are just some of the many important factors for developing a high quality Tarmac paved driveway. We hope that you choose Kingfisher Building Ltd London to perform your London Driveway Paving work. We are owner operated, and this means we strive for 100% satisfaction on each and every job! Please view our London Driveway Paving gallery pictures and our videos. We are at your service for free estimates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The visual appearance of your driveway, parking lot or roadway speaks volumes about your business or residence. You therefore need to find a way of making it create an amazing welcoming atmosphere. With the services of Kingfisher Building Ltd London, you are definitely bound to get the best Tarmac paving services. We are committed to providing flawless Tarmac paving services. Our family has been in the Tarmac paving industry for many years and we are a very experienced London paving company.

Our team of highly skilled contractors have got what it takes to deliver the best Tarmac paving services. When you have us install your driveway, parking lot or roadway, you can rest assured that the whole process will be a great success.

For success in Tarmac paving, the materials that are used are crucial. This is basically what Kingfisher Building Ltd London is all about. We get the best quality materials to deliver all your Tarmac paving needs. With the quality of Tarmac materials we use, longevity is guaranteed.

While considering the durability of the materials we use, we also pick materials that will be visually attractive. The visual appeal of the Tarmac paving helps in raising the aesthetic value of your property. London paving Company Driveway constructed by Kingfisher Building Ltd London, a London Paving Company.

Having been in the industry for a long time, Kingfisher Building Ltd London knows what procedures to follow to ensure that you get the best Tarmac paving services. We take care of the entire process, from picking the materials that best suit the job to the actual application of these materials. We offer seamless services due to the fact that we are highly mechanized. We have all the tools and equipment that is needed to pull off the greatest look on your driveway. We also offer a wide variety of Tarmac paving works using a wide variety of materials. There are numerous benefits that you get from working with professional Tarmac contractors like those offered by Kingfisher Building Ltd London. When the Tarmac work is able to stand the test of time, you can be sure that you will have saved lots of finance that would have otherwise been spent on repair and maintenance. We are a reputable company with all the necessary certifications and licenses required for us to be operational.

Getting professionals to take care of your Tarmac work is also advantageous due to that fact that they are likely to have the necessary equipment to handle the job. Professionals are also likely to do the work within a considerably short period of time. You therefore do not have to worry about lengthy timeframes. At Kingfisher Building Ltd London, we appreciate the fact that you trust our services and have considered hiring our Tarmac paving services. Kingfisher Building Ltd London offers several other services that would definitely be of benefit to you. We hope you give us the opportunity to serve all your paving and Paving needs.Building